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trade tramps
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welcome to tradetramps. i've been wanting to make a community for a long time and then it finally came to me.. a trading community! i love to trade/sell things, i know other people do, so it makes sense, yes? if you like to sell/trade things this is the spot for you. tell your friends! tell their friends! tell your mom! let's make this an active trading/selling post :)

the only rules i can think of are be considerate of others.. dont make an offer for something if you arent going to follow through.
please stay on topic, by that i mean.. sure go ahead, post your new trade.. be proud of that new object of your affection you recieved, post things you wish to sell or trade.. but dont post your dirty laundry here.
if you are mixed up in a bad trade (screwed over) please take it up with that person, not me.please use LJ cut tags! <lj-cut> ... </lj-cut>

i am not responsible for money or items lost in a bad trade/sale.